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The Heywood Inheritance Catherine Fellows

The Heywood Inheritance

Catherine Fellows

Published 1976
ISBN : 9780340210192
191 pages
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 About the Book 

The Reluctant HeiressWhen Sir Miles Heywoods eccentric will was read, his granddaughter Sara became not only the mistress of a great house, but the target of her greedy relatives devious designs.After a lifetime of service to her grandfather, Sara was eager for the gaiety that Regency England could offer. But while she was far too passionate a woman to turn her back on love, Sara was also far too shrewd to trust all the indecently attractive gentlemen who suddenly vied for her hand.Even as she laughingly listened to her handsome suitors proposals, Sara knew that at least one of those charming young men was engaged in a desperate plot, and that she was gambling her heart in a game where the sweetest promises might well turn into the cruelest lies.